Our 15th Anniversary

15 years ago, Oxford Immunotec was founded by our CEO, Dr. Peter Wrighton-Smith, who believed that the key to reducing the global health burden of tuberculosis was directly linked to the development of an accurate and reliable test that clinicians worldwide could rely on. Dr. Wrighton-Smith’s vision led to the development and launch of the T-SPOT®.TB test which has been described in over 300 peer-reviewed publications showing the test’s excellent performance in a wide variety of clinical and epidemiological settings.

Due to the success of the T-SPOT.TB test in the UK and Europe, the Company expanded its operations to the United States opening a new headquarters outside of Boston 10 years ago. In order to support rapid growth in demand for the T-SPOT.TB test in the US, 5 years ago Oxford Immunotec opened a specialized state-of-the-art laboratory in Memphis, TN. In the same year, the T-SPOT.TB test was also approved in Japan and a head-office was established in Tokyo.

During the most recent 5 years, through the acquisitions of Imugen, Immunetics and Boulder Diagnostics along with the innovation inspired by the company’s research and development team, Oxford Immunotec has expanded its portfolio of products into new infectious disease markets. These include a range of tests for tick-borne diseases, a focus on screening for Babesia in donated blood and pipeline products focused on the transplantation market.

In 2017 we are proud to celebrate our 15th anniversary recognizing that the achievements of the Company would not have been possible without the dedication and professionalism of our worldwide team, as well as the commitment and loyalty of our valued customers around the globe and the patients they serve. As we celebrate, we continue to work towards our vision; to become a leading diagnostic company, focused on developing and commercializing proprietary tests for underserved immune-regulated conditions.