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Test Overview

We believe the T-SPOT.TB test has a number of compelling advantages that make it a superior alternative to the 100-year old TST, including:

• In head-to-head studies, the T-SPOT.TB test is frequently found to have higher sensitivity than the TST. In regulatory trials we have demonstrated a sensitivity for the T-SPOT.TB test that exceeds 95%. In comparison the TST is reported to have a sensitivity between 75-90% in similar populations. In addition, and unlike the TST, the T-SPOT.TB test is not significantly affected by immune-suppression.

To see a summary of key clinical studies, please view our T-SPOT.TB Publications Summary.

• The T-SPOT.TB test is more specific than the TST, primarily because the antigens in the T-SPOT.TB test do not cross-react in individuals who have had the BCG vaccination or who have been infected with most other non-tuberculous mycobacteria.

• The T-SPOT.TB test requires a simple blood draw, which does not require specifically trained healthcare workers to administer the test.

• There is no requirement for a return visit in 48 to 72 hours to obtain the T-SPOT.TB test result. This makes the testing process more convenient for patients and avoids the costs and inconvenience of readministering the test to those who fail to return to have the TST read.

• The T-SPOT.TB test does not suffer from the ‘boosting’ phenomenon that can affect the TST, as there is no injection of immunogenic substances into the body.