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Product Pipeline

Our Focus

Our research and development activities focus on developing proprietary tests for the management of immune-regulated conditions. Our current focus is on four key areas: chronic infections, transplantation, autoimmune and inflammatory disease, and immune-oncology.

Chronic Infections

Various populations are at risk from chronic or opportunistic infections (e.g. TB, CMV) causing disease. Those at particular risk are those with weakened immune systems such as HIV patients, transplantation recipients or biologic users. Oxford Immunotec has developed and is continuing to develop diagnostic tools to assist in the more accurate diagnosis and indication of risk of disease progression.


The demand for donor organs is greater than the donor organ supply so it is critical to maximise the chances of each graft surviving as long as possible. Oxford Immunotec is developing diagnostic tools to increase predictive ability of rejection events and thereby improve care.

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease

Autoimmune and inflammatory disease encompasses a huge spectrum of separate conditions, which collectively affect a significant global population, including roughly 10% of Americans. Some of the most common conditions include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Crohn’s Disease. Oxford Immunotec is developing diagnostic tools to better diagnose conditions, classify patients into subgroups to add specificity to their diagnosis and better inform their likely disease progression.


Cancer is at a simplistic level an immunological disease. Tumors grow when the body’s T cells are unable to recognize the tumor as foreign or the tumor successfully down-regulates the T cell response.

There are now many novel therapy classes showing great promise by seeking to increase the efficacy of the body’s own immune system against tumor antigens. Oxford Immunotec is developing diagnostic tools to measure the status of the anti-tumor immune response, to guide therapeutic choices and aid development of these new therapies.